MVTB#13 – T.I.A.

Friday, April 27, 2012
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As I write this, we sit again in an airport, this time in Dubai.  Unfortunately we were to have flown out an hour ago and we’re not leaving real soon.  We’ve been really luck so far, there haven’t been any long delays until now, but this is the worst possible time.  Because of the cancellation of our route through Bahrain, we were already going to arrive in Uganda a couple hours later than the tour company wanted us there, but it was arranged that they’d pick us up for the airport and we’d start the long trek to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest immediately upon arrival.  Now we’ll be arriving five hours later in Uganda.  We’ve scrambled to figure something out, but as it is the middle of the night in Africa (and in the Dubai Airport, coincidentally), we’re not going to be able to talk to anyone about this before tomorrow morning.  Here’s hoping for the best and that this doesn’t interrupt our attempt to find mountain gorillas!

It does give me the ability to get the next song up, which is a good thing.  Africa is maybe a little over-represented in the playlist…I was finishing up planning that part of the trip when I made the playlist.  This is one of my favourite songs on the list though…a lot of fun and not too hard on the eyes.  Enjoy!

Oh, and I’ve noticed a couple of people ask about photos (thanks by the way for all the comments, it’s great to hear from everyone!)  I won’t post any to the blog, as the terms of use give them wide-ranging power over my images…but in Singapore, we picked up a small thinkpad and that has made me final able to upload photos to my website…so here they are!!!  I’ve just grabbed a few of the best photos so the gallery is not very long right now and it’s very short on text for what I’d usually do…but hey, it’s 3:45 am here…

Hopefully, the next time I write, we’ve had good news…Good night!

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