MVTB#17 – R&R

Monday, May 7, 2012
Pingwe, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Relaxing by the pool…

When we were planning this trip, my wife reminded me that when travelling I can occasionally try to pack something in to every minute of every day.  While this might work for a couple weeks, Megan had some doubts about our ability to sustain that pace over the whole 71 days, so she made sure that we included a little downtime now and then.  We circled Zanzibar on the map as one such spot to re-charge and I found a resort on the Indian Ocean for us to spend our first three days here.
Now, the island stopover couldn’t be completely without adventures, and so our transport across the island from Stonetown was interrupted to again journey in to the forest in search of primates – this time Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkeys and Syke’s Blue Monkeys – but finding them didn’t require the same effort as finding gorillas or orangutans…in fact the first we saw ran across the road in front of our vehicle.

…and on the beach!

Since then though, we’ve spent most of the last two days soaking up sun, reading our books and swimming in the pool, other than a quick trip to the spa for massages.  I have to say, my wife was right…sometimes slowing down isn’t so bad!  Of course, it can’t last.  Tomorrow we’ve planned a snorkelling expedition and the following day we’re considering a dhow cruise in search of dolphins!

Here’s our song for a week in paradise.  I had never seen the video when I put it on the list, but I have to say, I don’t think it could be much more fitting!

When next we write, we’ll have left Africa behind.  Next up?  Turkey!

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