2007 – East Africa

In August 2007, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of seeing Africa, touring Kenya & Tanzania and seeing giraffes, elephants, lions, leopards, etc. (GAP Adventures – Kenya & Tanzania Wildlife Adventure)

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  • Kim Capson says:

    Hi Adam…I found your link in the GAP Watering Hole (I’m IncaTrail50 there) and I love this idea! My husband, daughter, and I are going on the Kenya and Tanzania Wildlife Adventure in July this year with GAP so I was really excited to see your pictures. It will be a similar time of year so I hope we see as many as you did.
    I have had to become a birder also. I work with a birder and she doesn’t allow me to identify birds as “small yellow, large red, etc”. After my trip to Egypt I actually had to send two of my pics off to an Egyptian ornithologist for help identifying them!
    Thanks for posting this link. Awesome pics!

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