MVTB#22 – The Final Chapter

Monday, June 4, 2012
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

It has been just over a week since we returned home from our trip around the world.  Already, it’s hard to believe all we saw and did since leaving home on March 16th (actually, March 15th, as we spent that night in Millet, Alberta, at the home of Megan’s sister, who also put us up the first night we returned home.  This may make us the only people to ever complete a circumnavigation of the world starting and ending in Millet). It was an incredible journey, and we have so many reasons to be thankful that we were able to make it.  We were gone just long enough that while we were never desperately homesick, we were both ecstatic to come home and see our families and friends again.  However, any thoughts that this trip would satisfy our travel bug were definitely in vain.  If anything, we now have several more countries that we hope to be able to return to in the future.  The bucket list never really seems to get any shorter.  Everywhere we went, we both wished we could spend more time – with the sole exception of the Inca Trail.  It was an incredible feeling to finish that trek, but having finished it, I wasn’t in any hurry to go back to the start and do it again!  I’m sure even there that time will make us remember the joy of the accomplishment more than the pains of getting there, and who knows, maybe one day we’ll be walking up to Dead Woman’s Pass once more.  Or even more foolishly, signing up to do another long hike at altitude…after all, I haven’t conquered Kilimanjaro yet.

In the time we’ve been home, I’ve realized that sorting through the photos may be an incredibly daunting task.  Megan alone took between 500-700 photos, and I added somewhere in the neighbourhood of 6000-7000.  It may be a while before they’re all sorted, but I’ve managed to plow my way through the South American photos and even pared them down to a manageable number to show off.  You can see them HERE but I’ll warn you now, the album may grow later as I already feel that in the name of brevity, I’ve given too short a shrift to the Inca Trail and Macchu Pichu.

Now, just one more task to take care of today.  Every good playlist has to have a song to wrap it all up at the end.  But how do you find a song to sum up a trip where we swam with dolphins, hiked to ancient ruins, stood in the footsteps of Achilles, Cleopatra and Augustus Caesar, hung out with great apes, swam on the Great Barrier Reef, and hunted leopards and lions with camera and binoculars?  It may seem odd, but my answer to that riddle is a children’s song, adapted for a TV commercial.  That said, it’s probably my favourite commercial of all-time.  Here’s the song and I hope you’ll agree it does the trick.

The World really is awesome.

Now…on to the next adventure!



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