MVTB #2 – Departure Day!

Friday March 16, 2012
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

After all the planning, scheduling and packing, today we finally leave home today to begin our journey!  That means that in a few short hours, we should realize the first of the things we’ve forgotten.

Today we leave home early, catching a 6:30 am flight from Edmonton to Toronto, and after a brief five-hour layover, we’re off for New York, where we spend another three hours in the airport, we take off to Lima.  Okay, maybe it’s not the most glamourous day of our ten-week sojourn, but we’re out on the road with all our destinations spread out in front of us.

I picked this next song mostly because it’s a good travelling song, but it fits our first day of vacation pretty well too.  YouTube has failed me here, because I was hoping to just have the Alkaline Trio cover as I thought it might be nice for people to think that not ALL the songs I’m picking came from cartoons or singing puppets, however, sadly that doesn’t seem to be an option so I have to send you to a site that gives away my secret.  Oh well, you know which one is on our playlist, but let’s be honest, the original is pretty freakin’ cool too.

Well, we’re off!  See you in 71 days Edmonton!  World, here we come!

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