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Fog on Mesilau Trail

Adam Mallon Photography

Welcome to Adam Mallon Photography – my home on the internet for my images, mostly wildlife, travel or nature images.  I recommend using the full screen option as you view my photo albums, as the viewer can be a little small on some screens.

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  • Hello Adam.
    I didn’t know you have such a wonderful collection of pictures. Even in my wildest imagination, I never expected you to have such stunning pictures put together. I wish you had informed me beforehand, I would have instructed my guide to pay more attention to you by making sure you have the BEST views. I’m not sure if he did it but we are proud to be part of that collection but with all the due respect we don’t want to take credit for anything, it purely your own effort to do such great website and sure pure pictures. We look forward to hosting you again in Africa. Now that you know Kenya well, we should be working with you for future travel arrangements. A picture says a thousand words!

  • Michael says:

    Nice work Adam! Ethan and I always enjoy your pictures!!

  • Jolene says:

    Hi Adam,

    I like this website so much! It’s nice to see that there are people who love wildspotting as much as I do.

    You have some really nice shots! Do you use a professional camera? Sometimes it seems like your standing right next to an animal. Wonderful!!
    Last year I went to Tanzania too, and this year I’ll discover Kenya and Uganda (were I will go on a gorillatreck). But i’m still doubting about which NP’s I’ll visit in Kenya… Normaly it will be the Masai Mara, Amboseli and Sweetwaters. Any suggestion or things I shouldn’t do?

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures


  • Gran & Grandad says:

    Hi!We can’t think of a better hobby for you! Perhaps you’ll win another trip, like the one to Tibet! I would love to be able to print some of these pictures, and put them on my “frame”, along with pictures of the family! Our ancestors?! Love you, G & G.

  • Freddy says:

    Thats a cool idea adam and i like the name ark also:-)

  • Debbie says:

    Pretty cool Adam! You’ve had some fantastic oppotunities to travel and collect some really beautiful moments.

    I could have spent all morning looking but I will be totally late for work. I’ll have to get back on later and learn some more. I really appreciate that you’ve included everything from invertebrates and the guys with fins all the way up to the warm fuzzies that everyone loves. Birds, reptiles and fish are amongst the most speciose creatures out there for sure but I think that says something about their success despite the unrelenting progress of the industrial world. Good on ya for not giving up trying to ID them!

    Suggestions from what I’ve seen so far? You’ve got some fairly rare and/or endangered species in there-it would be cool to point that out where applicable. Also, it would be convenient to be able to comment on a photo directly..I’m not sure whether that’s possible at the moment or not. Finally, where is the order print button??? 🙂

    Where to next? The Arctic, South America or underwater would be totally awesome.

    Just so you know, skunk, fox, raccoon and bald eagle (another that I didn’t see here) all readily available for photographing in beautiful PEI!



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